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Jérome (former manager of Terra Andina in Peru, from 2005 to 2007) first opened an office in Panama City (2007-2008), then in Costa Rica (since 2008) where he established TERRA CARIBEA’s headquarters.

After somme Terra's experiences at La Paz (Terra Andina Bolivia and Toogo), the current manager of Terra Caribea is Pierre Ligonie.
Our office is located in the heart of the Central Valley, a stone’s throw away from Heredia and San José.
Our geographic situation, between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, is certainly our best asset.
With offices in two other countries (Panama and Nicaragua), we have become a key actor in tourism in Central America, organizing many multi-country tours.
Constantly and directly in touch with the principal destinations, we are always trying to improve our field knowledge and experience.



Every year, all our travel designers go on several field trips to explore new areas, bring back ideas and renew their services. These trips, together with our active involvement in media operations (reports, book publishing, press, travel guides), help us constantly update our knowledge of the countries we work in, and offer new itineraries.


Terra Group has established a technology unit called TERRASOFT, which develops software packages designed for receptive travel agencies. The software “TOOGO” maximizes qualitatively our everyday work.
It soon will be available to our corporate clients.


Our physical presence is today established almost continuously from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, in Southern Africa and in Oceania. We wanted such a geographical deployment to be able to competitively organize transnational trips across continents.
Our offices (13 in 2015 – Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Bariloche, Valparaiso, La Paz, Lima, Mérida, San José, Quito, Pereira, Granada, Cape Town, Copacabana/Australia) have their own system of logistics and an extensive network of collaborators in particular areas (Amazonia, Pantanal, the Andes, Antarctica, Atacama Desert).


- Every request is dealt with within 24h (except weekends and public holiday) by a trilingual interlocutor with a thorough knowledge of costs, sites and services.
- Our websites are constantly updated and present most of the tours we offer, which allows tour operators to draw new ideas, descriptions and pictures to prepare their trip forms.
- Our agencies are constantly in touch with each other and our partners (through Skype and email).


Our economic model is based on the progressive opening up of the company’s capital (8 partners in 2008, 18 in 2016) and on a premium system. In addition, Terra invests in the training of its field teams, which directly affects their motivation.

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