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descarga.jpg yandup-island-lodge.jpg Archipel San Blas © (18).jpg Kuna Yala (Archipel San Blas) © D. Ducoin (8).jpg Village Kuna - Archipel San Blas © C. Jorratt.jpg Mola - Artisanat Kuna (Iles San Blas, Panama) © I.jpg

The end of the world is located on the Comarca de Kuna Yala Islands, autonomous territory since the Kuna revolution in 1925. Between coral reefs and deserted islands, white sand beaches and idyllic sunsets, we offer you to discover the archipelago and to meet with the locals, named Kunas (or Gunas). Strongly defending their culture and territory, they will happily share their traditions with you in a territory that looks like heaven. More than anywhere else, you can feel here the well-protected secrets of Panama. The Amerindians Kunas live in the Kuna Sala area (San Blas) in total harmony with the sea. They move with agility between about 350 island located between Panama and Colombia along the Caribbean coast. A general Kuna congress manages in total autonomy the 55,000-souls, with a particular political status which explains why the landscapes are well-preserved. The famous Molas are also made there.

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