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Quetzal © (11).jpg Rafting - Rio Chiriqui © Flickr.jpg Boca Brava (Golfe de Chiriqui) © R. Goodwin.jpg Indiens Ngobe Bogle - Panama (Chiriqui) © LuzdeSo.jpg

The province of Chiriqui is mainly known for its flowers and plantations. Citrus fruits, vegetables, coffee (in Boquete) and orchids (Cerro Punta) are growing in the surrounding valleys. For the sport lovers, the national parks of La Amistad and of the Volcán Barú offer stunning treks in the opulent forest, perfect to observe the Quetzal. The Gulf of Chiriqui is a very beautiful seaside spot in the Pacific and the wilderness, from where you can watch the humpback whales.

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