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tour-en-bateau-sur-le-canal.jpg Train transisthmique (Canal de Panama) © (17).jpg Trogon - Panama (Canopy Tower) © F. Veronesi.jpg Village Embera - Rio Chagres © (3).jpg Canal de Panama (passage des écluses) © (3).jpg

"You do not know Panama until you have visited the canal", will proudly say the locals. Watching giant vessels transiting through the jungle, in the narrow channels, before passing through the locks (Miraflores, Gatun, and Pedro Miguel), is an unforgettable show. The area of the Panama Canal offers many excursion options: visit of the locks and of the museums, journey in a tranisthmic train, day cruises, discovery of the biodiversity (Isla Barro Colorado, Soberania National Park...), historic and nature treks, sailing on the Gatun lake... Of course the "greatest piece of engineering of the 20th century", as Gustave Eiffel once called it, remains the main touristic attraction of the country.

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